Deborah Rey Burns is Nelly Ben Hayoun’s very special agent. Since 2013, Deborah has presented NBH studio unique practice and process (Total Bombardment doubled with the Hammering technique) to audiences and companies around the world. Deborah is the director of Propela. At Propela, she works with a select list of pioneering talents from the fields of art and sciences.
With over 15 years experience in business and design, Deborah Rey Burns represents the thought leaders of today who are head and shoulders above their peers. She fuses creativity and business nous to steer her artist’s careers whilst enhancing their creative and personal development. Representing a diverse range of extraordinary thinkers; from Body Architects and Food Artists to TED Global speakers and Cultural Hackers.

You can reach Deborah for NBH Studio Public Speaking, Keynote, conferences, seminar and talk inquiries at email hidden; JavaScript is required

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