In early February 2019, Nelly will be taking over the Interaction 19, with a workshop on the 5th titled- ‘Evils and Monsters- how to use mythologies, and re-enactments in your creative practice’, will start at 9.00am in the Amazon conference centre, you can find some more information out about it, here! And also a keynote presentation on 8th February at 9:55- 10:35 am. 

Interaction 19 is located in the heart of Amazon’s Headquarters and is a 3-day conference- an Education Summit a Local Leaders Retreat, a day of workshops, and a 4-day Student Design Charette. The main event consists of three full conference days, listening to experts and join conversations to reshape relations with ourselves, our objects, the environment and the society as a whole. 

Interaction 19 will assemble a diverse group of practitioners and academics from around the world to explore the edges of interaction design and help spark a transformation of the discipline to be relevant to the needs of the 21st century. Their aim is to give interaction design practitioners an inspiring and transformative experience that will help them to learn what to learn, to build their personal toolbox and to grow their professional networks.

For tickets to Interactions 19, click here!