A look back at Moon Press so far - Moon Press Issue 7 out now!

Tuesday, 19th April 2022, London, UK

What is Moon Press?

Moon Press is an intervention into publishing, creating space for underrepresented writers, thinkers, and artists to speak to a larger audience and draw connections between the environment, humans, and outer space.

Through Moon Press we are called on to reimagine our relationship to the moon, looking first to people who have traditionally had ties to the moon as our experts. How does the Moon give us space to think about culture, environment, publishing, art, community, and politics in new ways? Moon Press is found in both expected and unlikely places; from printed issues, to the internet, and in mundane places like chocolate bars, drinks cans, billboards, and more. Each issue consists of articles, illustrations, artworks, commissions, poetry, and more. 

Why is Moon Press Urgent?

Moon Press is urgent because it recognises that we will not survive without using our imagination, without dreaming up new systems of living, and thriving with one another. Moon Press will platform a myriad of ways of doing and thinking about our current environments, highlighting alternative perspectives and reaching a broader audience, one capable of making real change. From its content and values, to the collaborative infrastructure of the team, Moon Press is a necessary intervention into publishing, art, and culture.


Some of the topics which are being explored can be seen through work that has already been contributed:

  • Climate emergency

Dear Aunty Luna by Palus in Issue 6

  • ancestors

“Haji” by Mahamoud Ibrahim in Issue 2

  • diaspora

East In Colour By Ashrah Suudy in Issue 1

  • migration

[Prontolinho] Rap: Untitled by Ahmed Adam in Issue 2

  • myth

Alice Minervini's work in Issue 4

  • night time

NightHawks by Mohammed Zaahidur Rahman in Issue 3

  • space

Images by Unistellar’s eVscope in Issue 2

  • astrology

A brief guide to Harnessing the Power of the Moon by Alexandra Yellop in Issue 4

  • colonialism

History of the newly evaporated by Jumada Al Ula in Issue 1

  • decolonisation

Puer Deorum's work in Issue 4

  • space exploration

Mo Salah In Space by Nur Hannah Wan in Issue 3


There are currently 7 issues of Moon Press released, all of which can be downloaded for free from the Moon Press page of the tour de moon website. The 7th issue: Liminal Spaces was released alongside the Full Pink Moon in Libra!

About Tour de Moon Ltd

Tour de Moon is a cosmic adventure, a large-scale public festival of immersive experiences and live events developed in collaboration with our “universal satellite”: the Moon, seen as a character, a landscape and a prompt for radical imagination. The festival, composed of 8 programming strands, aims to reach millions of visitors across the UK and the world in 2022, through live and virtual experiences, supporting youth, nightlife creators, scientists and digital creators through cooperation. With Tour de Moon, we seek new beginnings, to empower others to create, to initiate, to innovate with new thinking and pluralistic practices so that history does not repeat itself on and beyond Earth. Tour de Moon is composed of more than 90 individuals as a part of its team, Youth Reporter Board and Advisory Board and further collaborative organisations, all working together to build a festival committed to plurality, decolonial practices, social and racial justice, solidarity and equity. www.tourdemoon.com