A Monster at MMU!

8th March 2021, Manchester, UK

In March Nelly is going to be bombarding the students of Manchester Metropolitan University, School of Design for their Inspirer week and to present to UNIT - X a collaborative brief with the first years of Interior Design and Fashion!

For the inspired week, Nelly spoke all about the latest feature movie- titled “I am (not) a Monster’- the Willy Wonka of Design and Science, performer, filmmaker and designer Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stépanian, has travelled to four continents and beyond 14 cities in one month, performing and reenacting the life of political theorist Hannah Arendt, with the hope of bringing back the origins of knowledge in her suitcase for her students at the University of the Underground. 

On the 25th March with UNIT-X, she will continue to share the mysteries behind her practice and the production of her monster projects working with NASA, the United Nations and other intergalactic institutions.In this energetic talk, fearless educator, passionate provocateur, Wired Innovation Fellow, boxer and SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute Designer of Experiences Ben Hayoun-Stépanian Ph.D will create a space for thoughts, debate and provocation around the urgent need for organized communities, nightlife and plurality in society. Meanwhile, see the behind the scenes of complex large-scale productions such as The International Space Orchestra, Disaster Playground, I am (not) a Monster and the University of the Underground. She will also exclusively share the latest development of her project called ‘Red Moon’, a diasporic investigation of human settlement on the moon. Red Moon is currently in development and it has just been awarded a Sundance Institute grant.Who knows: in the end you might find ourselves in the head of Tutankhamun before his head got cut off in ancient Egypt, experiencing an emotional gaze made of crystals and manufactured sun. 

MMU: Based in the heart of Manchester, a vibrant and multicultural city, we are an innovator of art and design education in the UK, and celebrated our 175th anniversary in 2013. As the second oldest design school in Britain, established to provide design training to the manufacturing industry, we offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses that are still very much influenced by the specialist needs of industry to provide our students with the essential skills and knowledge for their chosen career.

We place importance on experimentation and generating creative surprise. We have a playful yet serious approach to media, materials and processes. We are intellectually and academically challenging. We have mutual respect for each other's disciplines and foster an art and design community within the school and the City. We are creative, unconventional and professional.