• At Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios, we have an ethos that enables collaboration and participation with our clients, staff and consultants. As pioneers in the Design of Experiences, we promote the value of experiential design practices, analytical and critical thinking in public engagement. We want to win work on the strength and quality of our practice and projects, as well as the merit of our design and knowledge.
  • Dr. Ben Hayoun defines the Design of Experiences as extending the discipline of design in terms of scope, scale and method of engagement combining architecture, installations, environments, social systems and scenarios. As a multidisciplinary design practice, the Design of Experiences support the performance of politics, long term thinking and innovation in public engagement through the use of events (music, film, design, semiotics) in institutions.
  • We propose an innovative formula for truly immersive and meaningful experiences – a collaborative, multilayered, extreme and holistic approach which is ultimately accessible to the wider public. We like to be radical and specific in our methods of engagement, making full use of academic research together with theatrical and musical practices. We tailor our outcomes to the targeted audience, however we like to surprise and therefore we always develop experiences in the unexpected. We truly work across different mediums including digital, film, design, music and experiences. Our experiential design projects are planned as platforms, with one narrative being told through multiple channels. Through our bold cooperative approach, we like to rethink the role of the designer as an instigator, a connector, an author, a social sculptor, an explorer, a mythologist and a provocateur.
  • Under Dr. Ben Hayoun’s leadership, we have established ourselves with a successful track record of delivering complex and often ‘impossible’ productions and we are the only design studio which integrates critical design, theatrical practices and multiplatform immersive experiences.