A/D/O x Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios recap of 2018

19th December 2019, New York, USA

To conclude out yearlong research seminar series 'Homo-sapiens, I hear you!' at A/D/O in New York, Nelly has written an article to reflect on the roller coaster we have been on to reevaluate and modernise Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs!

'A YEAR OF SEMINARS' by Dr Nelly Ben Hayoun. NBH takes us through the youth of design and the continuous evolutionary and transdisciplinary state it finds itself in. “MAINLY WHAT IS FASCINATING ABOUT THE DISCIPLINE IS ITS CAPACITY TO REACT TO HISTORY AND TO ACKNOWLEDGE HISTORIES AS A RESULT.” 

This is not the end for 'Homo-sapiens, I hear you!', we will continue to plan for more platforms in which the geographer, the philosopher, the historian, the scientist and the creative can meet, discuss with passion and perhaps exchange body parts!

Don't miss out on reading the final journal entry of 2018, you can find it here! Throughout the year, we have also documented the monthly seminars through a series of podcasts, produced by Elle Clay and Hassan Insane, if you want to go through the archive and find out how we reformatted Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, click here!

A/D/O is a creative hub that is built for designers but open for all. It is part of the Innovation practice at MINI and represents the company's core belief that designers hold the keys to progress.