Alert – Power Modifying: Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun Uses Experiences To Drive Institutional Change by Grapevine, Iceland

November 4th 2019

Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun talks at a rapid-fire pace. Her ideas glide from topic to topic, using language so intricate and nuanced that listening to her feels like watching an academic paper performed like a theatre piece—she’s, for lack of a better term, fascinating.

A self-proclaimed “Designer Of Experiences,” her work runs such a vast gamut that distilling it down into a sentence seems rather impossible. At this year’s Iceland Airwaves Pro music industry conference, she’ll attempt to distill her knowledge into a concise address as one of the keynote speakers.

Nelly might be journeying to Iceland for the conference, but she plans to take full advantage of Iceland Airwaves. She’s most excited to see JFDR and Madame Gandhi, among others.

“I’m looking forward to being surprised. In general, I find that if you go anywhere at 15:00, you’ll see these bands that nobody knows,” she says, a smile brightening her face. “That’s where you find the pearls.

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