In this project, i explore the brain fitness industry, from positscience to Sudoku, crosswords and so on the business is increasing. We are older than before but as a result we experience more and more dementia. And it get advertised that the solution against it was to develop your "neuroplasticity". Behaviors start to be organized between the bad learning one such as list making and the good one such as practicing sudoku and others Nintendo games who keep your brain active. But the brain isn't only a muscle that you can train, you need to be able to learn it something new and in a challenging way.
I first come up with a tool you can make at home-that's the place where you usually make the brain fitness and i was interested in the family support as well-. It's a spoon propulsion object which throw in the air a spoon that you have to catch at the same time that you say its color.

I find that the interesting bit of these object was that you make it yourself. You engage with this exercise (the spoon propulsion)physically but also in a creative way. I read this articlein New Scientist where they found that creative people have a strong neuroplasticity. I thought that it might be the solution.
That's why i develop the snails exercise. No real rules, you have to change them everytime, you also have to engage with the set by making it yourself. Also you have to think on how you can make perform your snails better than your friends, to experiment with their culture.