How do we use radio to link two worlds: one of the living and one of the dead. I'm fascinated with the imagery generated by static noise.

Can a radio in a cemetery conjure spirits?
I focused my work on different ways to capture E. V. P [Electric Voice Phenomena: transmissions which sound like human speech, and are interpreted as a communication with dead people] .

I was also interested in the way we might change our posture in a cemetery by using small ground antennas which force you to sit near the ground instead of staying upright in front of the gravestone.

By making these products, I was faced with an ethical responsibility as these objects play with the hopes of contacting the dead. I created a real tool with a paranormal function.

Will these tools be used as therapy? I'm afraid that these tools may possess users in doing things they are told to do by the dead.

I think of this project as an oscillation between fake and real. Like a clairvoyant: it's what you read into it.