How can we interact with something 'more perfect' than we are?

In the beginning, robots were created to do all the chores that we didn't want to do because they were so boring or because we couldn't do them; and robots don't make mistakes. So the question is "how can we find a way to dicuss, to have some feelings for these kinds of machine when they are so far than what we are?"

This project was done in two different parts:

The first one was about the imperfections we can inflict on a robot to make us feel more human. If a robot started to fall down all the time it would make us react: we can be annoyed by it, or we can find it funny; we can reject it or we can find a way to fix it. If a robot started to become fragile, would we look at it in a different way?

The second project was about the complex relationships we have with mechanical, robotic objects. Let's take a very human reaction such as anger. This is a very complicated feeling which starts with a peak of irritation which can be expressed with the body, though screaming, or crying... and then finishes quickly with feelings of exasperation and stupidity at all the energy you spent on it.

Can you express your anger and frustration with robots? Some of the answers are focused on the way some particular robots operate. By making some simple and cynical actions you can enjoy the pleasure of the revenge and the superiority you have over this object. You can also create your own object of torture which contains all the mixture of feelings you feel, by your own design,

But this is not without consequences, with these immediate reactions follows a completely hollow feeling: why i have done that? My vacuum doesn't work anymore!