Bruce Sterling- March 2011

Bruce Sterling on Beyond the Beyond

Design Fiction: Micronations Revolution

*I’m hard put to describe what is going on here, but it sounds rather like “experiential futurism.”

Dear Friends!
It is that time of the year again!

We are about to turn our backs on the cold and the rain, and say goodbye to the long winter!

Therefore this new pop-up show at the edge of science fiction should warm up your imagination and haunt you with images of yetis, giant submarines, wild octopus and much more!

Directed & curated by Nelly Ben Hayoun for shunt, Micronations Revolution is two nights of music, performances, workshops & animations developed around four fictional micro-nations. It will take place on 11th and 12th of March only.

Set in the post industrial landscape of Shunt’s yard and machine filled interior, you will enter the threshold and be able to push your physical limits in Sea-salt park; learning to scuba dive with Aqualon Scuba Diving Tutors. Enjoy the world of play in the Marble Kingdom and bid your love away. Why not apply your economic and creative talents to the realm of work, crafting mini models to be sold in auction, or dare to be bold in Ice Break mountain; just beware of the Yeti!