Call Me* August Edition!

23rd August 2021, London, UK

☎️CALL ME * took place again this Sunday 22nd of August, 2021☎️**. 7PM-8PM BST!

As you might know, we are working on a nationwide festival as a part of Festival UK* 22! 🔮Programme will be revealed in October 2021, but meanwhile, we are hosting a series titled Call Me*. so live the public little glimmers into what we're getting up to!👈

On the 22nd of August, we opened our phone lines and went live on #tiktok to invite you to have a say in the curation of this nationwide festival, ⭐ with the agenda to continue to work in and explore the need for meaningful experiences and nighttime celebrations as a part of public services. 🌚

We were joined by amazing guests and speakers: Climate activists, political researchers and apocalypse experts:

Ben Wheatley: Is a filmmaker and screenwriter. Beginning his career in advertising, Wheatley first gained recognition and acclaim for his commercials and short films, before transitioning into feature films and television programmes. He is best known for his work in the thriller and horror genres, with his films frequently incorporating heavy elements of black comedy and satire. His best-known works include the psychological horror films Kill List and A Field in England, the J. G. Ballard adaptation High-Rise, and the action-comedy Free Fire. TBC

Anita Okunde: Okunde is active in the UK Student Climate Network (UKSCN) – the grassroots youth climate strikes organisers in the UK. She is currently working with youth climate strikers Manchester and Fridays for Future to support digital climate actions during the global pandemic. TBC

Ahlyah Ali and Alicia Turner - UK Youth Climate Coalition: Ahlyah and Alicia are two of the members of the UK Youth Climate Coalition, an organisation that seeks to mobilise and empower young people to take positive action for global climate justice. They believe that climate change is imminent, man-made, and will exacerbate the already damaging structures of oppression that exist in our society. They, therefore, strive to not only tackle climate change at its core but to challenge the roots of social and climate injustice, creating a better world for all. They are a group of 18-29-year-olds who volunteer and collaborate to work towards creating our VISION of a just, sustainable world in which current and future generations enjoy and protect a healthy environment. 

Lewis Dartnell: Astrobiologist and specialist in Zombie apocalypses: Dartnell is an Astrobiologist and researcher from Westminster University. Dartnell has written science articles for popular magazines including New Scientist, and was runner up for The Daily Telegraph Science Writer's Award in 2004. Dartnell has also written several books, including Life in the Universe, an introductory book to the new scientific field of astrobiology, and The Knowledge: How to Rebuild our World from Scratch also known as The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Civilization in the Aftermath of a Cataclysm. 2019 saw the publication of Origins, which is a comprehensive account of how the Earth has affected human evolution and civilizations.

Adam Langworthy: Representing the Young European Movement: YEM is a coalition of young people exploring the concrete consequences that Brexit will have on the lives of young people. They are cross-partisan and international and work to advocate, create awareness and fight Brexit.  


💄Also, the brilliant makeup artist @fannymkup making the team look truly horrific. All this while we heard some brilliant scary stories, read by actress and performer Jordan Daley. 

You can catch up with it on the Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios youtube here!