Call Me under the full moon streamed on Twitch

24th July 2021, London

☎️Call Me*☎️ is a conversation, an opportunity for you to join the team and give thoughts or feedbacks, as we continue to work on a nationwide festival and explore the need for meaningful experiences and nightlife celebrations as a part of public services.
✨We are working on a nationwide festival for 2022 as a part of Festival 22. Name and Programme will be revealed in October 2021, but meanwhile join Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios Collective composed of their team of programmers, production team and Nelly Ben Hayoun here, built a giant marble run and explored new economic systems whilst also discussing public funding, public services and the need to support nightlife and artistic practices.
This month, we dove deep into public funding and alternative economic systems: We were joined by Diana Finch from @bristolpound to discuss the power of local currencies , and by Isla McCulloch @cooperativesuk who shared her experience with co-operatives and their importance for Covid Recovery. All this while streaming a giant marble run which was built on #Twitch.

You can watch the recorded stream HERE