Porsche and Soho House

Creative direction and brand ambassador


For No Passengers campaign in collaboration with Soho House, Nelly designed a fully electric Porsche Taycan with a fluorescent marbling pattern inspired by her textile training in Japan, which was guided by kimono master Takayuki Takahashi and his two brothers, with whom she worked on pattern designs for the late Issey Miyake. The grand finale sees Ben Hayoun-Stépanian driving her custom Porsche through the dusty surface of a 3D world of her own creation that has been inspired by former projects.

The No Passengers film series – a joint endeavour by Soho House and Porsche – highlights key creative visionaries who are leading the charge to push culture forward. Their first installment put the spotlight onto intersectional British designer, maker and artist, Mac Collins; their second delved into the world of the clothing pioneers behind boundary-breaking label, Vollebak: twin brothers Steve and Nick Tidball. For their third and final film, they went deep inside the creation of an alternative universe with interdisciplinary multimedia designer and filmmaker, Dr Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stépanian.

The project led to the creation of an Art car, a short film, and a series of activation through public speaking and panel at Soho House.



In order to capture the essence of the new electric technology developed by Porsche for its Tuycan model, Ben Hayoun-Stépanian focused on the philosophies behind the utopic idea of permanent motion. To best tap in new fields of innovation, she offers to investigate 'alien aesthetics' and collaborating with the latest technology in filmmaking with the Unreal Engine software. The film was built as a show that never ends, as a part of an imaginary multiverse. It was inspired by Nelly's former training in textile design in Japan working on kimonos and marble patterns, her work in the space industries and other immersive experiences she directed. The result showcases a number of scientific theories (like quantum physics, multiverses, etc). Alongside the multidisciplinary team and diverse communities reached though the making of the film, panels and conversations have also taken place at Soho House.


Amongst the outputs from this project: a short film, a series of conversations as a part of Soho House annual conference, editorial for Soho House magazine and more activations geared to establish Porsche and Soho House as key cultural and innovation leaders, working to define new alien aesthetics, non-linear new forms of storytelling and new models of engaging with new electric mobility engineering.