The International Space Orchestra perform with Sigur Rós at the Hollywood Bowl on the Sept. 24th. To celebrate the event Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios, Sigur Rós and the SETI Institute are running a competition to win one of 25 signed patches.

There are three patches in the competition:

  1. 10 x "Sigur Rós, International Space Orchestra" patches, signed by Sigur Rós.
  2. 10 x "SETI INSTITUTE" patches, signed by renowned SETI Institute scientists.
  3. 5 x "Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios, We Can Do It" patches, signed by Nelly Ben Hayoun – Founder of the International Space Orchestra and Head of Experiences at WeTransfer

The competition will have 25 winners drawn randomly, each getting one signed patch. To enter please enter your email address below.

Please note that by entering the competition you'll be added to the mailing list of Sigur Rós, SETI Institute and Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios. The competition ends on September 26th, 10am PDT. Winners will be notified directly a few days afterwards