Dans les chaussons de Napoleon

15th to 19th October- Estienne- Paris

A workshop developed for Mphil students at Ecole National Superieure Estienne, Duperré and Boule, 'Grandes écoles' in Paris , by Glitch Fiction ( David Benqué, and Nelly Ben Hayoun)

Extract from brief:

Dans les chaussons de Napoleon

Which History do you wish to experience?

Re-enactment is currently one of the most intriguing developments of contemporary
arts and documentary – this consists of a performative repetition or re-creation of
historical situations and events. Its uses are various: from medieval historical
interpretations by amateurs’ group to artistic impression, role-play, street
performance, crime reconstruction, army training, etc….
Re-enactment rises from the need to ‘edit’ and relate to archived, historical events.
It is a free form that democratise the experience of an historical event by letting us
edit it, perform it, re-play it.

This week, you will be looking at reenacting an historical event that you wish to
reconstitute and interpret. You will be asked to reassess notion of past, present,
spectacle and authenticity in order to understand and speculate better on what
‘happened’ …