De Marktkantine, Announces 100-Year Partnership with the University of the Underground

21st March 2017, Amsterdam, Holland

 Amsterdam’s leading creative hub De Marktkantine announced its century-long year commitment to host the University of the Underground in its basement. De Marktkantine is a theatre / restaurant / club on the Jan van Galenstraat in Amsterdam. De Marktkantine (The Market Canteen) is housed in the old Marcanti building at Jan van Galenstraat 6, a striking building filled with history. Built in 1936 as a canteen for merchants from the neighbouring market (now the Food Center Amsterdam), it was expanded in 1956 to include a large theatre where artists like Jacques Brel performed. During the 1990s it became a popular nightclub, and now, after being vacant for five years, De Marktkantine established a wide variety of events in it including: club nights, concerts, theatre performances, art exhibitions, master classes, fashion shows and more. Now, De Marktkantine is opening up its doors to students from the University of the Underground who will have the opportunity to work there 24 hours and benefit from a professional team of top event managers and a community of multimedia artists.  

Eelko Anceaux – Founder of De Marktkantine: “This 100-year partnership with The University of the Underground strengthens our ambition to establish a creative melting pot and use the space we have for a greater good. We really feel the need to embrace this opportunity so a variety of disciplines can learn, work and amplify each other.”

Nelly Ben Hayoun- Founder of the University of the Underground:De Marktkantine was built in a period of great disruption and revolution in Europe. In 1936, the depression lingered on with unemployment continuing to fall, however the public’s reaction was not to turn toward populism, but on the contrary to look at culture as a place to establish their revolt: in the UK, the BBC television service was born in 1936, while in France, the legislative elections gave the victory to an alliance of left-wing movements supporting the workers’ movement. De Marktkantine and its multi facetted, multi disciplinary history is the perfect location to host our University of the Underground’s creative soldiers. Our 15 students will be able to learn and work with a fantastic team of professionals but also benefit from being in the underground of such an inspiring and unconventional space. We are also delighted to have established here in Amsterdam and in London at the Village Underground, a new type of long term partnership, which will see us work the seed for change in the coming 100 years and way beyond.”

De Marktkantine opened in 2014 and is a constantly changing, growing and electric creative hub. With a diverse programme ranging from music to master-class and spectacular events, it reaches a wide audience on a daily basis.

De Marktkantine is young and old, neighbours, residents and world citizens, exciting club nights and markets in the weekends. Master classes and a place to learn and educate during the week.

De Marktkantine has the mission to connect day and night, create a stage for new talent and the area we are located in, work together with educational institutes and give space to promising start-ups. Thus making it a not to miss hub in Amsterdam.