December 2016

Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios - 2016

3,2,1 and.... stuck in the roller coaster. Just like underground rats running after cheese.

What sort of roller coaster was that? Both thrilling, terrifying, often sad, often happy and one that made us want to draw our attention towards the design of events and experiences that best support social dreaming, social actions and the young generations in the current political context.

As a result, I resigned from my teaching role as senior lecturer in the MA Material Futures at Central Saint Martins and started to teach in the underground. Whoever wants it you can call us, we have a big red phone to pick up all the calls from students around the world.
I indeed believe in another form of education, one in which you learn how to navigate systems and how to best disturb them from the inside. Where design supports the modeling and physical existence of your dreams; so this is where I decided to focus my energy. I moved away from governmental collective representation, and I decided to support and to educate how to engineer power shifts in and outside institutions. At the start of this process lies a dream, and I must admit it, I am an optimist, but one with no compromises. I believe in social dreaming becoming the fuel for social actions. There are no more heroes; we all need to achieve this together with intelligence and passion. That is what I want and wish for the next generation. And clearly, experiences and the design of experiences and events is a big part of it. If nothing else, they make you feel alive and connected to the world around you. Music can do just that, but many other artistic forms too.
Watch this space as all will be revealed with the arrival of new seasons...

We at NBH studios call this method, the TOTAL BOMBARDMENT, an absolute political immersion of the senses.

So, this is where we live at the moment, under the earth, close to volcanoes, my team and I, to support the unconventional, the incorrect. We play and reenact the performance of politics, which is how we learn and teach. I am still in space, but now, I appreciate the full scale of things, from the bottom of the sea to the highest altitude of our universe, and I wish to share this with all my students and give them the same opportunity and passion for life and the world than I was brought up with. I encourage all my colleagues to also join in that effort. Let's do this and let's do this together, now is the time to create the network of the creative soldiers worldwide.

For this we use music, film, design, and theatrical practices. Expect more of this next year, as this is just the start of it.

Meanwhile here is our year, I am so grateful to all of you for joining our events and for our ever growing talented multidisciplinary team, from Finland to Iceland to Mexico or the USA, in a plane or a rocket our 'agents' are developing omnipresence and teleportation. Thank you to our public, students and friends, colleagues and to our partners who support the work we do.

We are up to cosmic disorder so... expect more total bombardment for next year.... in the underground.

Here is to what is coming,

Have a wonderful festive period and let's keep focused in 2017!

Never give up,

Bises, X



The Year In Review

Throughout the remaining days of the year, we'll be looking back at individual events from the studios 2016. Join us daily on our social channels for the most important moments for our studio and the people who work in it. #NBHstudios2016