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The official worldwide premiere of Disaster Playground is here TODAY!

London Events: 

TUESDAY, JUNE 30, World Asteroid Day
BFI Southbank
8:30 pm

Screening and Q&A with director Nelly Ben Hayoun and Dr. Franck Marchis from the prestigious SETI Institute. Hosted by acclaimed Guardian Design and Architecture Critic Oliver Wainwright. Not to be missed! Tickets start at only £10.10, get yours here

Rio Cinema Dalston
1:45 pm

Screening and Q&A with director Nelly Ben Hayoun. Find more information and purchase your tickets here

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, Digital Design Weekend 2015
V&A, Lydia and Manfred Lecture Hall
8:00 pm

Read more about it and get a glimpse into Nelly Ben Hayoun’s newest project here! Tickets will be on sale on V&A website very soon.

San Francisco Events: 

TUESDAY, JUNE 30, World Asteroid Day 
Roxie Cinema
7:00 pm

Screening and event chaired by the Executive Director of the Long Now Foundation, Alexander Rose. Also featuring project manager, Annette Rodrigues, and contributors including Apollo 9 Astronaut Rusty Schweickart, Dr David Morrison, Dr Margaret Race, Dr Peter Jenniskens & Dr Seth Shostak from The SETI Institute. 
Tickets start at $7.50 and are available to order here

JUNE 30th, 2015
12:00AM (EDT)

GET DISASTER PLAYGROUND ON ALL DIGITAL PLATFORMS ( iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, GooglePlay, Vudu, Vimeo on Demand Etc…) on June 30th on www.disasterplayground.com with many bonus footages.

Welcome To the Real Armageddon!

Hollywood relies on Bruce Willis to save the world in Armageddon, but who are the real-life heroes seeking to save our civilisation from the next major asteroid impact?

One of Indiewire’s six highlights of SXSW 2015, singled out by Janet Pierson as ‘pretty nuts’, Selected at Sheffield 2015 and raved by SoundOnSight as ‘bombastic, Disaster Playground investigates future outer space catastrophes and the procedures in place to manage, assess, and minimize the risks.

The film follows scientists leading the monitoring and deflection of hazardous Near Earth Objects and the real-life procedures in place in the event of an asteroid collision with the earth. From NASA and the SETI Institute to the White House and the United Nations, DISASTER PLAYGROUND follows the people who are responsible for protecting humanity from a potentially devastating asteroid impact.

Disaster Playground is the the new documentary from Wired Innovation Fellow and Designer of Experiences at the SETI Institute, Nelly Ben Hayoun.The film features music by The Prodigy and Ed Banger Records.

Still not convinced? Don’t just take our word for it, check out some of the first reviews from the SXSW premiere!

Sound on Sight says “Disaster Playground is succinct, bombastic, and a great, fun look at a grave, literally larger-than-life matter… Separated by flippantly philosophizing narration, the documentary plays as if Michel Gondry invaded top scientific offices and decided to make a safety instruction video complete with ridiculously charming props.”

MOMA curator Paola Antonelli comments “It’s Dr Strangelove meets This is Spinal Tap. You straddle a big red phone and go on a wild ride along a chain of command that is complex and exhilarating.”

Nature says: “Disaster Playground is a visually arresting roller-coaster ride through California and the American Southwest, featuring interviews with high impact scientists from NASA, the Sandia National Laboratories and elsewhere. The film is certainly a designed experience.
Ben Hayoun ferries a bright-green toy dinosaur and a huge red telephone from interview to interview to represent the threat of mass extinction and the alerts needed to save the world from apocalypse. She uses offbeat camera angles, a pulsing soundtrack from rave band The Prodigy and title screens with giant capital letters to create a frenetic pace. Ben Hayoun coaxes scientists into the closest thing they may ever achieve to performance art.”

“Ben Hayoun draws out the facts and the opinions of her subjects with infectious charm; she makes a wild goose chase for official information engaging and visually dynamic,” says the Austin Chronicle

SXSW Festival Director Janet Pierson singled out Disaster Playground as one of the 6 Highlights From SXSW 2015: “It’s pretty nuts. The Director comes at it from a completely different perspective. It’s a space movie.”

Bustle also acclaimed Disaster Playground as one of the 17 Female-Directed Films From SXSW 2015 That Everyone Needs To See

A  Q&A profile about Nelly and  Disaster Playground can be found on Indiewire.




NBH Studio is working on a new bold project. On May 5th 2015,  World Renowned Marine Biologist and Ted Prize Winner Dr. Sylvia Earle, President of submersible company Doer Marine Liz Taylor and Ian Griffith, acclaimed Icelandic Post-rock band Sigur Ros visited NASA AMes Research Center, NASA SSERVI and the SETI Institute as part of NBH Studio new project R&D; The Life, the Sea and the Space Viking. A Space Odyssey and Viking Saga 11km under the sea, documenting a submersible expedition and an encounter with our biological archeology. Merging the fields of astrobiology, terraforming and the research of extremophiles, the project is set for release in 2017. More Updates soon on www.nellyben.com



Upcoming NBH Studio Talks

If you missed her talks earlier in the year, be sure to check out where Nelly will be speaking soon! She will be all over Europe and the US in the upcoming months.

Hyatt Regency, New Orleans, USA
October 8-10th, 2015

The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), the oldest and largest professional membership organization for design, is holding its National Conference in New Orleans, USA this year. Nelly will be one of the keynote speakers.
E.D.S.T. 2015
Kerkrade, The Netherlands
Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

Nelly Ben Hayoun will be speaking at The Continium to start the first edition of speaks on Earth, Design, Science, and Technology. Other speakers will include Seb Chan (Cooper Hewitt New York), Deyan Sudjic (Design Museum London)…
The NBH Studio Press Archives offer a more extensive look on all the things going on inside the studio! 
Read more updates on www.nellyben.com