Design Indaba, October 2013

Disaster Playground on Design Indaba.

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From meteor showers to extra-terrestrial signs, from frogs escaping experiments on board an International Space Station and worms surviving the Challenger explosion to a volcanic eruption on Jupiter’s satellite, Nelly Ben Hayoun’s project and film-in-the-making will document the edge of space fiction.

After the recent success of Ben Hayoun’s International Space Orchestra film, the director and experience designer is raising funds to realise a new film, which will be titled Disaster Playground.

The film will investigate future outer space catastrophes and the design procedures to manage them and assess the risks. Using a cutting-edge approach and through re-enactment of off-normal situations, Disaster Playground gives insight into the many challenges outer space projects need to overcome.

Known as “The Willy Wonka of design and science”, Ben Hayoun questions what the space programme could be if members of the public were to share in its human condition – the dilemmas faced by scientists over discovery and decision-making under pressure.

Working with experts in Near Earth Objects (NEO), Disaster and Rescue Assistance (DART), the SETI Institute and with an all-star team of composers and writers, Ben Hayoun is archiving disaster mitigation responses, unexpected failure systems and adversity in the space programme based on interviews, reflexions and re-enactments by a team of space experts.

Ben Hayoun screened a teaser of the film earlier this year at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Form more information and future screening times of Disaster Playground keep an eye on Ben Hayoun’s website

"Disaster Playground will be developed in partnership with international arts and science organisations along with the support of philanthropists whose agenda correspond with the goals of the project.

Disaster Playground is a hybrid, cutting edge and socially engaged experiential project, which will be staged in multiple manifestations. Such flexibility will allow the project to develop and evolve over a long period. It is our intention to consolidate our network of partners and supporters in order to grow.

We are actively seeking sponsorship, support in kind and project commissioners. 

To get in touch and become part of the project, please contact us at hello@nellyben.com."