Design Seminar: If Willy Wonka Was a Designer

Beckmans Auditorium, Stockholm, Sweden-27 Octobe, 16:00 - 19:30

Domestic Futures will be on show at Nationalmuseum Design, located inside Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in Stockholm, from 18 September to 15 November 2015, and will feature NBH's Soyuz chair.

Nelly will be speaking at the design seminar “If Willy Wonka Was a Designer”, featuring Nelly, James Auger and Ela Celary at Beckmans College of Design.

More on the exhibition here.

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Design Seminar:
If Willy Wonka Was a Designer (he would be one of the speakers too)

Today, design is mostly concerned with the process of bringing products to market. What happens if you remove this commercial aspect from the development of a design object? And what happens to the role of the designer? The seminar’s title “If Willy Wonka Was a Designer” refers to the colourful outbursts and far-stretching imagination of designers when they go off the beaten track paved by our consumption society and mix their talents with scientists, engineers and technicians. Through a series of three lectures, the seminar shows a non-commercial side of the design field, where designers are critical explorers who design experiences and scenarios that can have a significant impact on the world. Not because their projects are desirable and saleable, but because they carry out a strong message, shaping our ideas about the future. Their works are ‘conversation pieces’ that trigger change in our behaviour rather than being a sugar-coated cover that triggers our desire to purchase a product.

Time & Place:
Beckmans Auditorium, Stockholm
27 October 2015, 16:00 - 19:30
Visuals by Jacob Landahl

The seminar is organised in conjunction to the exhibition Domestic Futures (Hemma i Framtiden) that is currently on show at the National Museum in Stockholm. The exhibition imagines possible future scenarios of everyday life at home and shows future household products that are based on major advances in technology, discoveries made through scientific research, and the rise of certain social mindsets. Divided into three different themes, these objects propose three scenarios: Are we going to break free from consumerism? Will we embrace new technologies? Or are we adventurously choosing to live on other planets?

The seminar “If Willy Wonka Was a Designer” is initiated by the exhibition’s curator Lisanne Fransen for (design) students of all schools in Stockholm. In Fransen’s eyes, students are shaped during their education and when graduated they will shape our future with their visions and the products they create. Hence she dedicates and addresses this seminar especially to all the students in Stockholm, to introduce them to these three very inspiring designers:

Nelly Ben Hayoun: Designer of experiences also dubbed the Willy Wonka of Design and Science; a critical explorer and a fearless and passionate provocateur.

James Auger: Designer, researcher and lecturer who runs the speculative design practice Auger-Loizeau. An examiner of the social, cultural and personal impact of innovative technologies and the products arising from these developments.

Ela Celary: Experimental media designer who recently received her MFA in Industrial Design at the Konstfack University. An inquisitive investigator searching for human emotions in the rising field of Artificial Intelligence.