‘Doppelgängers³’ Review – New Experimental Documentary Will Make You Rethink The Potential of Space Travel

By Larry Fried, Geek Vibes Nation, 22nd May 2024

reviewed by Larry Fried, words by Larry Fried for Geek Vibes nation. Full review to read here

'In 2024, the final frontier has never felt closer to home. As Earth’s ongoing climate crisis has surged the planet toward an inhospitable future, space – what was once a giant leap for mankind – has now become the next step in humanity’s evolution. We have rovers scouring for water on Mars, billionaires funding intergalactic settlement colonies, and megalomaniacal dictatorships launching satellites into orbit as instruments of war. The daunting future of life in space is deeply sobering, in part because it has already been placed into the hands of those who are responsible for how we got here. The once hopeful, intrepid vision of NASA has since been replaced by figureheads such as Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, both of whom are products of a long history of colonization and displacement that has slowly, but surely, churned our world into one of wealth inequality, rampant poverty, and corporate slavery.

If we’re going to go to the trouble of acclimating to life in zero gravity, could we humor a fresh start along with it? Perhaps a change in leadership is in order, one that can take our collective traumas into account and learn from them. If your mindset has even the slightest lean in this ponderous direction, you will be hard-pressed to find a better film to galvanize your worldview than Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stépanian’s Doppelgängers³, a film whose title alone is likely enough to pique anyone’s initial curiosity. Part verite memoir, part talking head extravaganza, all coursing with anarchic energy and visual splendor, Hayoun-Stépanian’s film is an experimental shot to the zeitgeist that attempts to introduce audiences to the concept of plurality: that a breadth of diverse voices and unique perspectives is the approach we should take to rebuild our world through space travel, rather than the monolithic, colonialist viewpoint held by most white billionaires. '