Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun about her Dream Workplace in This Works

8th September, 2017, Amsterdam

Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun is one of five creatives who talked to Rob Alderson from This Works about their Dream Workplaces. Rather than another studio visit feature, This Works asked creatives around the world to describe their dream workplace. The text is accompanied by the brilliant illustrations by Owen Gatley.

You can read the full article here. Words by Rob Alderson

"I know that creativity is not a linear process, and accepting that chaotic approach right from the start has made things less stressful over the years. It’s about never compromising, and being aware that you need to prepare and train mentally and physically for whatever is around the corner. Being a creative is about being very disciplined with yourself and others in order to achieve that human magic.

My dream workspace should be permanently mobile, a living Noah’s Ark divided into:

i) Laboratory and experimental studio

ii) Wet space for scuba gear and samples 

iii) Kitchen and living room 

iv) Library 

v) Dance floor 

vi) Painting and color studio 

vii) Antenna for SETI signals, with direct lift access to the internet cable of the world, 11km underwater

On board I will have a pirate radio, an option to buy stocks and modify economic models.

I need a partner in crime in all projects, it can be a sociologist, a radio presenter, an artist, a fireman, or a playwright etc.

I have two type of people; the living partners in crime and the dead partners in crime. With the dead ones, they inspire me and I enjoy imagining what they would have done if they were in my position; for example existentialist Jean Paul Sartre and his girlfriend Simone De Beauvoir, political philosopher Hannah Arendt, poet Boris Vian, dramaturge Antonin Artaud, chemist Marie Curie.

Then there are the other experts who I have worked with on projects like Space Viking and the International Space Orchestra – biologists and physicists and all sorts of others. I’d of course take my family too – so I need a big boat!"

You can read the full article here. Words by Rob Alderson

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