Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun at the Amsterdam Dance Event

18th October 2017, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

On 18th October 2017, Nelly will be presenting at the Amsterdam Dance Event. She will be speaking at 11:00 AM at DeLaMar Theater in D8 Panel Room for the audience of about 400 people. The session will be moderated by  Wiegertje Postma.

You can find out more about Nelly's talk and how to buy tickets here

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) consists of a conference (day), festival (night) and playground (day & night) program. Which basically means that the city of Amsterdam is all about electronic music for five day and nights, with events in around 160 locations. In 2016, ADE featured over 2,200 artists and 550 speakers. 

Of course, ADE is about having fun. But it also means business. Which is why over 7,000 professional delegates from all over the world visit ADE to network and exchange ideas. Most of them are working in the field of electronic music, but ADE also attracts numerous delegates from outside the scene. Whether you're looking for examples of great branding, innovative technology or just the latest musical trends, we've got you covered with our multiple conference tracks.