Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun featured in SLEEK Magazine!

Issue 57, Spring 2018, Berlin, Germany

Nelly has been featured in SLEEK Magazine, Issue 57! 

The article titled "Universally Speaking" is a dialogue between Ira Solonatia and Nelly about further education and creativity. Discussing her take on further education by founding The University of the Underground, and on insisting there be more artistry in government, and finally on proudly being a multihyphenate creative.

The interview delves into Nelly's practice- from hailing from her Royal College of Art mothership to the Disaster Playground era and how this all combined has created the honeypot of creativity which is the University of the Underground. In the interview, Nelly states "we need more creative people in organisation. We need creative people in governments and the UN- creatives need to have leadership!" thus introducing the goals of the University and how it is educated through the diverse curriculum. 

The issue also features the likes of Nan Goldin, Iris Van Herpen, Faye Wei Wei and more. We recommend you pick yourself up a copy from your local newsstand, or you can read brief experts of other features here!