Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun Masterclass at La Gaite Lyrique

17.09.22 @ 2:30pm

As part of her ongoing ‘Shiny Gold’ installation-experience at La Gaite Lyrique in Paris, Nelly will deliver a masterclass there at 2:30pm on the 17th September, sharing her sources of inspiration and the manufacturing processes of her installation, performance and film projects.

More information and tickets here!

Open until 6th November 2022, ‘Shiny Gold’ is an extravagant and abundant installation experience designed to inspire curiosity through non-linear learning. This experience connect visitors with sources of energy in the world- from the stomach processing food to power humans, to mushrooms growing from decay, bacteria eating sea-life, to vibrations and earthquakes, to Marie Curie’s discovery of radium, magnetic forces and the sun being at the end or the start of it all. In this GOLD experience, playful sculptures showcase the interdependence of energies and gives a glimpse of the fragile balance of our ecosystems while meeting some important characters along the way (like a big anglerfish, an inflatable golden intestine or some popping mushrooms ….). Shiny Gold is a part of the 10th anniversary of Gaîté Lyrique.