Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun presenting at the Sorbonne for Cumulus 2018

10th April 2018, Paris, France

Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun will be presenting at Cumulus Paris 2018: to get there – designing together on 10th April 2018, Nelly will speak at the Grand Amphithéâtre of the Sorbonne

At Cumulus Paris 2018: to get there – designing together , Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun will create a space for thoughts, debate and provocation around the new commodities of knowledge, the act of thinking, and the critical impact of new technologies in design education. She will define her design work and research through practice as a Designer of Experiences and founder of the tuition free transnational University of the Underground. She will pledge for Greek Tragedy and the Human Condition and remind members of the public that innovation often comes from 'multidisciplinary conflicts'.

She will explain the challenges she faces, trying to defy conventional research methods and exploring how to truly support the freedom of learning. In this passionate keynote, she will share the complexity of her large scale projects (The International Space Orchestra, Disaster Playground and the University of the Underground) and introduce members of the public to her 'hammering and total bombardment' philosophy.

The Cumulus conference 2018 in Paris is adopting a cross-curricular interdisciplinary approach which highlights the collective and collaborative interest. Its aim is to make otherness a positive force and to ensure that design and this union of talents become an undeniable tool for action on reality.
In partnership for the past two years within the framework of CÉSAAP, the four Parisian Schools of Art and Design, Boulle, Duperré, Estienne, and Ensaama have decided to share their expertise, to mutualise experiences and to host Cumulus conference to invent tomorrow, together.

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