With plurality at its core, Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios founded the University of the Underground in 2017, a tuition-free charity supporting youth training and decolonial practices, which counts Pussy Riot, Noam Chomsky and Massive Attack as board members. In 2021, following a nationwide competition, Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios was commissioned to produce a free UK-wide festival, which they called Tour de Moon- It was celebrating nightlife and youth countercultures.

For Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios, purality is organising communities of free thinkers and doers working together across different perspectives to imagine and experiment with alternative futures. Plurality is bringing together collective immersive experiences and radical imagination whilst actively resisting oppressive power structures and authoritarian regimes.

All our public programmes look to extend education activities in terms of scope, scale, public and methods of engagement towards architecture, installations, immersive environments, social systems, performances, experiences, and narratives as events. 

In everything we do we look to:
Inspired by activists like Frantz Fanon, we understand that oppression is ultimately intersectional and systemic in the UK and beyond. Our commitment to Equity, Diversity, racial and social justice, and inclusion are all encompassing. Exclusion and discrimination is multi-layered and so must our approach. We recognise and understand the unequal realities and trauma caused by racism, classism, sexism, ableism, ageism, and sexual orientation in the UK and across the world. We believe in radical imagination and collective experiences as a means to acknowledge our past and develop new ideals. We advocate for queer ecofeminist approaches. We learn how to co-exist in places from non-human animals and non-living worlds. We centre indigeneity and we re-imagine all human interactions with water, the living and nonliving. We see communities who have traditionally had ties with water as experts. We work from a community-focused lens on lineages, ancestries, and histories.
As a part of our commitment to racial and social justice, we develop open calls and projects which actively support decentralised models so as to best redistribute wealth.
We platform the lived experiences of the people that face marginalisation and systemic oppression. This is with the idea that we must contribute to the validation of people’s lived experiences - and recognise and platform these truths.
We engage, work and co-create with local young people and emerging early career, creatives, makers, nightlife artists, and performers across all programmes.
With a diverse team shaping and creating a plurality of voices, we have set goals to reach diverse people from BIPOC, LGBTQ, disabled, and working-class communities.
We aim to reach out and work with people who typically do not engage with public cultural offerings and programmes through addressing barriers and inclusive approaches.
We aim to provide transferable skills development and experience that improve personal and professional developmentWe aim to provide transferable skills development and experience that improve personal and professional development
We are committed to introducing, debating and designing economic systems that support and encourage a responsible relationship with our environment.
We communicate with openness, transparency, and integrity. We uphold the principles of freedom of thought and speech.


University of the Underground
Nelly Boum Show. Radio show on worldwide FM
Hannah Arendt Center for politics and humanities
International Space Orchestra
Decolonial practices in space at the International Astronautical Congress
Experiences department at the SETI Institute
Moon Press
Non-linear, immersive and multidisciplinary research seminars, A/D/O Brooklyn
Moon Cinema at the British Film Institute.
Expeditions (Chernobyl, Baikonur Cosmodrome etc...)