En route to WHATS NEXT? Festival in Lithuania 9th - 11th November

9th - 11th November 2018, Vilnius, Lithuania

Delighted to announce Nelly will be this year's keynote presenter at WHATS NEXT? festival in Lithuania! What's Next festival is a conference of creative industries held in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The What's Next annual international conference becomes a roadmap of future trends for the creative industries- with two days of insights, skills and connections. The content of this conference is based on the trend reports of the world-leading trendspotting agencies and is focusing on the brand new technologies, innovations in business and creativity.

Whats Next festival's 3 focal points are as follows...

Insights- the presentations will introduce the audience to the latest creativity, in-depth and technological practices, concepts, ideas and trends that will provide new insights into business and creativity.

Skills- workshops where speakers will focus on the personal development and based on their own skills and competencies, will introduce everyone to the main methods that can help to understand how successfully apply new trends in business or even personal life.

Connections- networking breakfast and party. Both conference days promise an interesting program. The "What's Next?" contact breakfast will be followed by a business and creative contact party, which goal is to establish the contacts you already obtained during the time spent at the conference.

You can get your tickets here!