Episode 13 on MONEY of the Nelly Boum Show on Worldwide FM

25th July 2021, London, UK

MONEY SHOW. Ep 13 of the Nelly BOOOUM show on Worldwide fm! 

Did you know the most expensive pizzas ever made cost £4200? That the first Bitcoin transaction was to buy a pizza for 10,000 Bitcoins? Or that more monopoly money is made than actual money and that the first paper money was made in China 1,200 years ago?

This episode of the Nelly Boum Show is on MONEY, so get yourself down to one of the 1.6 million ATM's in the world, draw out some cash and listen to money talks with....Took place on Sunday 25th July 12 - 2pm over on Worldwide fm.

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THIS month with:

Bitcoin expert and podcast host Peter McCormack on bitcoin, and cryptocurrency horror stories! @whatbitcoindid
Walking tour guide Nehad Benz on what happens when you find money as an archaeologist in Algeria, and walk to the bank in Algiers. @algerianmaze
Nik Matheou and Gagik Stepan-Sarkissian from the Armenian Institute on Armenian coins, Armenian numismatics and banknotes @armenianinstitute
Magid Magid- former lord mayor of Sheffield, Green Party MEP and Union of Justice founder! @magicmagid
Brixton pound and extinction rebellion co-founder Charlie Waterhouse on the Brixton Pound and the climate as currency @extinctionrebellion @brixtonpound @thisaintrock
Engineer Allan McRobie on the MONIAC Phillips Machine: an analogue computer that uses fluidic logic to model the workings of an economy.
Designer and co-founder of Foundland Lauren Alexander on water as currency @foundland_collective @lauren_j_alexander
Storyteller Adah Parris on the impact of technology on identity, culture, economics and ecosystems! @adahparris
Accounting legend Mukesh Khatri of Barcant and Beardon- Nelly's accountant!!

Produced by @sitraka___ and @hellovictoria__