'Essays on the Blurred Edges of the Built Environment', NBH editorial contribution!

21st February 2019, London, UK

'Dreaming with Open Eyes: What to Look for in Future Leaders', words by Dr Nelly Ben Hayoun for Inspiration/Provocation publication, titled 'Essays on the Blurred Edges of the Built Environment'.

"In 2017, I helped found a tuition-free university to explore plurality and future thinking. Why? Because the leader of today are not the leaders we need for tomorrow" 

Nelly has contributed her thoughts on how to spot a future leader. Through defining characters with attributes such as 'The Activist', 'The Transnational', 'The Mythologist', 'The Precarious' and 'The Unknown', in a bid to aid the spotting of future leaders, ones to watch and future trailblazers.

The publication also features some of our heroes- Brian Eno, and Paola Antonelli, so make sure to go and get your selves a copy, it is a beautiful publication!