Experience the disaster playground

Design Week, September 2014

When asteroids threaten, Hollywood scriptwriters rely on Bruce Willis and a big drill to save the world. But what happens in real-life? Designer Nelly Ben Hayoun wants to find out.

Tue, 16 Sep 2014 | By Angus Montgomery


Her Disaster Playground project investigates the design of emergency procedures in the Space programme. It follows a real-life procedure in place in the event of an asteroid collision with the Earth.

Ben Hayoun says: “It attempts to address the complex decision-making involved in developing a coordinated international response to the challenge of protecting the Earth…  It depicts the chain of command necessary where only a few experts exist who understand the technology.”

As part of the project, Ben Hayoun is hosting a workshop on 20 September, with Space experts Jay Tate, Anita Heward and Richard Tremayne-Smith, in which participants will be invited to “fabricate, design and perform the presidential speech following an asteroid impact”.

And on 21 September Ben Hayoun will be showcasing a preview of her Disaster Playground film, as well as taking part in a panel discussion about her “impossible journey searching for asteroid hunters”.

Find out more about the events and the Disaster Playground project at www.disasterplayground.com. To book your place at the free film preview on 21 September visit www.eventbrite.co.uk.