Did I Generate Dark Energy in the Kitchen Sink?

The Physics of the Impossible

“Whatever the location-be it in your kitchen or in intergalactic space…” there is dark energy-American Scientist

We only know 5% of the universe; our daily life is finally made of unknown.
Recently, a team of researchers at the M.I.T found that you can reproduce the quantum field theory ‘Casimir experiment’ at a centimeter scale. So what could you need? Salt water, two pieces of metal (gold plated pigeon eggs) and a purpose built microwave made from the magnetron extracted from a domestic microwave.
Between something absurd and something factually right, we engaged in a discussion at the boundary between science fiction and ‘hard-core’ science - a platform where the extreme experiments of amateurs can make the physically impossible’ happen.


In Collaboration with The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and High Energy Physics Researchers at the Large Hadron Collider, CERN, Switzerland. The Large Hadron Collider between Switzerland and France is the biggest physic-scientific experiment in the world. It tries to reproduce the first seconds after the big bang by firing protons again each other at the speed of light, in order to know more about matter and antimatter.