Homo Sapiens, I Hear You!

A series of non-linear, immersive and multidisciplinary research seminars developed in collaboration with the Brooklyn based Design Institute A/D/O

'Homo Sapiens I Hear You' is a series of non-linear, non-conventional, immersive and non-passive research seminars which question and re-think humanity’s essential needs; and consider whether the modern practice of design addresses them.

The curriculum conceived and directed by Dr Nelly Ben Hayoun is framed around American psychologist Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs”, which offers a model that defines the needs of human beings - from the most basic functions (eating, sleeping, etc.) to the more fulfilling (self-improvement, practising sports, etc.). Homo Sapiens, I hear you! are seminars which unravel how human needs have developed through history and how they might continue to develop over time.

Occurring on the 12th of the month, each seminar showcase pioneering critical thinkers and present eclectic reference material from around the world. Dr. Ben Hayoun, along with a rotating cast of visiting faculty will facilitate a series of activities, workshops and debates. The series of seminars were accompanied with: podcasts by Elle Clay, editorial pieces by Cabinet Magazine and Our Machine's graphics.

To find the podcast spanning the year, click on the link here. Learn about research seminar series 'Homo Sapiens, I hear You' seminars here

Find the programme for each individual session below:

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Series Alumni:

/01: DOUGLAS TRUMBULL - special effects director. PROF GRACIELA CHICHILNISKY, mathematical economist. RACHEL KATZ - transcendental meditation expert. ALEXANDRA JANELLI - hypnotherapist. /02: ALEXANDRA DAISY GINSBERG - biodesigner. MARK GREENFIELD - theatrical director. JILLIAN CAVANAUGH - professor of anthropology. LINYEE YUAN - food editor. KEVIN HERSON - absinthe creator. /03: NOVMICHI TOSA - founder of maywa denki. DR. CLARA ORBE, NASA scientist. DR. NANCY KIANG, NASA scientist. DR. SONALI BOSE, pulmonary MD. DJ HerShe - musician and beatboxer. /04: BRENDAN WALKER - thrill engineer. MUSTAFAA SHAKUR - supervisor of rock safe streets. REGINA WILSON - FDNY firefighter. /05: PAOLA ANTONELLI - MoMA curator. REMY BENNETT - filmmaker and instructor. EMILY DECOLA - founder of puppet kitchen. BETTE GORDON - film director and professor. SAMANTHA HILL - political philosopher. /06: PAUL SAHRE - graphic designer. LAUREN NOVACK - dog whisperer. NANDINI THIYAGARAJAN - NYU fellow of environmental & animal studies. RYAN & TREVOR OAKES - artists & twin brother collaborators. /07: GABO ARORA - vr creator and the first creative director at the UN. JULIE ARSLANOGLU - research scientist at the MET. MATHEW HOLTZCLAW - magician. JULIA MOLNAR - professor at NYIT. /08: BEATRICE GALILEE - associate curator of architecture and design at the MET. VERE VAN GOOL - associate director of ideascity at the NEW MUSEUM. LAURA Y LIU - new school professor. LISA ZASLOW - founder of gotham organizers. /09: PAULA SCHER -  graphic designer, principal at pentagram. NEIL HARBISSON - cyborg artist. MIKE TUCKER - interactive director at magic leap. LYDIA CHILTON - assistant professor at columbia university. /10: VANESSA KEITH - principal at StudioTEKA. DAVID CHARLES - media network lead at impact travel alliance. PAIGE WEST - professor at barnard college. ALLISON C. MEIER - brooklyn based writer. /11: ZACH LIEBERMAN - experiential designer and pioneer in informational design and creative coding. ZAHID AJAM, architect and design fro WORKac. SUZANNE SCHNEIDER, deputy director at the brooklyn institute for social research. RUSSEL JOYCE - pastor of hope church brooklyn.


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