Extraterrestrial Gardening!

25th February 2019, International Space University, France

Nelly Ben Hayoun is to run a one day workshop with MA students at the International Space University, Strasbourg, France on EXTRATERRESTRIAL GARDENINGthis workshop investigates the mechanics of experiential practice in space missions as a creative framework for space education and outreach. Students are tasked to speculate together on gardening experiences and shapes we might encounter in other planets with techniques inspired by automatic writing and the peripatetic school.

The International Space University is a private non-profit institution, formally recognized as an institute of higher education in France by the French Ministry of Education. It specializes in providing graduate-level training to the future leaders of the emerging global space community at its Central Campus in Strasbourg, France, and at locations around the world. In its two-month Space Studies Program and one-year Masters program, ISU offers its students a unique Core Curriculum covering all disciplines related to space programs and enterprises, space science, space engineering, systems engineering, space policy and law, business and management, and space and society. Both programs also involve an intense student research Team Project providing international graduate students and young space professionals the opportunity to solve complex problems by working together in an intercultural environment.