In development. Feature length. For release in 2022.

Supported by Sundance Institute | Sandbox Films

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Old worlds decolonise future worlds, migrant bodies prepare to settle on the moon. Through role-play, magic, and doppelgängers, RED MOON offers an experimental vision and template for diasporas beyond Earth. How will the first families of the moon understand origins, borders and territories?

The movie RED MOON offers a formally creative storytelling format to portray the non-linear narratives and historical arcs of immigration and colonisation. Nelly casts and invites three doppelgängers and their families to research histories of civilisation, diasporas, and movement of populations from territories to territories, land to sea, land to the sun, water to land; and earth to the moon. Together, and in different locations, they all train in preparation for a new utopian moon society. The film culminates in a scenario in which we see Ben Hayoun-Stépanian responding to the direction of her doppelgangers in crafting a speculative moon utopia. The film will be completed in Spring 2022.