Forbidden Tourism - Guerilla London

IDE-Royal College of Art - 2/10/12

A workshop lead by Nelly Ben Hayoun for Innovation Design  Engineering MA at the Royal College of Art, London,

Extract of Brief:


This summer 2012, London hosted the Olympic Games. It attracted 429,000 tourists-per-day, thrilled to be watching this large scale event live.

While the Olympics fascinated population since 8th century BC, there is an all new type of ‘technological’ tourism that appears…. Also called Terror Tourism, or Toxic Tourism, for example Chernobyl’s tour, since the last 7 years, inaugurated the search for danger and risk and a new type of curiosity…

What new type of tourism do we wish to experience?

Acting as the “Invisible generation”, you will be looking at the extreme, Questioning what is allowed and what is not, looking at surveillance in the city, you will aim to design events in which tourists will be invited to experience a new type of landscape/ sportive activities/ warmth/ environment/diet/language/ sound/ inhabitants etc…        

You will have to test and assess the extreme and propose us with forbidden touristic activities.

You will be asked to reassess notion of risk, spectacle and tourism in order to speculate on future wonders to come…