Fortune and Wallpaper* gets a dose of Total Bombardment in Singapore.

19th March 2019, Singapre

Earlier in the month, Nelly jetted over to Singapore for fortune and Wallpaper*'s Brainstorm Design 2019 event. 

On Nelly's presentation- "Ben Hayoun warned the audience that her speech—built on 275 slides, covering topics ranging from philosophy to film and delivered “at the speed of light”—would last longer than the prescribed 15 minutes. When the good doctor did wrap up nearly half an hour later, it was to rapturous applause."

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Brainstorm Design is a unique new conference dedicated to exploring the increasingly crucial nexus between business and design. Held for the first time in 2018, the three-day event is the latest addition to FORTUNE’s influential Brainstorm conference series. Brainstorm Design combines the editorial wisdom of FORTUNE and Wallpaper* to deliver a lively and informative event that bringing together the FORTUNE 500’s most powerful executives and the world’s most talented designers.