FutureEverything 2016

Manchester, UK, 31st March 2016

Nelly Ben Hayoun will be speaking at the FutureEverything Conference in Manchester in the main auditorium on the 31st March 2016.

For the last twenty years, FutureEverything has looked at big questions facing society through the lens of art and digital culture. The FutureEverything 2016 festival will feature a two day conference, new commissions and world class performances that use art and invention to help us rethink resources and navigate our unknown future.

This year the theme is ‘Less and More’, the festival will investigate how we can rethink resources within a world that is changing exponentially. Whether it’s a change to our antibiotics and food, or the world’s natural resources, the first thing that we look for is alternatives. With the carbon economy reaching its peak, we need to adapt to changes in climate, and find more tools, and more methods as a way of working with the inevitable. This forces a rethink on how we can gather, and manage, the resources of Earth to overcome the dependencies of the industrial age.

Nelly will be speaking as part of the Intelligence section that will be addressing how to make sense of the vast amount of information at our fingertips from algorithms to artificial intelligence.

Other speakers and performers include journalists Charlie Winter and Izabella Kaminska, particle physicist and science communicator Ben Still, Gazelle Twin, Turner Prize winner Assemble, data and social media researcher at the Oxford Institute of the Internet Ruth Garcia-Gavilanes, Wellcome Trust Fellow Angela Csssidy, among many more.

For more information, how you can buy tickets for the event please follow this link.