Hole & Corner Featuring Nelly Ben Hayoun

Hole & Corner, London UK, March 2016

Nelly Ben Hayoun is featured in March's Hole & Corner Magazine.

Hole & Corner is a bi-annual magazine and a daily updated digital alternative that celebrates craft, beauty, passion and skill.

Issue 8 explores the Senses. A trip through taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing and, perhaps, even the elusive sixth sense. Featured alongside Nelly is Turner Prize-winning artist and musician Martin Creed, Omer Arbel of Bocci lighting, scent archivist Sissel Tolaas, colour expert Pedro da Costa Felgueiras, product designer Russell Pinch and fragrance maker Lyn Harris and many more.

Within this article Mark Hooper talking of Nelly says:

"Nelly Ben Hayoun is a force of nature. The person she most reminds me of is the pop star Björk: a bundle of barely contained energy, constantly making mental leaps in conversation – and prone to the most unlikely of artistic collaborations"

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