'Homo Sapiens I Hear You' August Seminar: 'WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK. On Bureaucracy, The Office And Labor' by Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios and A/D/O

12th August 2018, Brooklyn, New York
On 12th August 2018, Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun and the design institute A/D/O will team up again to present the seventh in the series of monthly seminars: 'WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK. On Bureaucracy, The Office And Labor."
During our monthly Homo Sapiens, I Hear You Research Seminar, we will explore the question: How is design considering the future of work and what needs to be addressed? Together we will explore the office as an environment for a new organization and leadership and examine the influence designers have on the architecture of the office, the management systems we work in, government structures, bureaucracy and Kafka’s vision of utopia. Later, we’ll engage in Critical Management Studies (CMS) and Design Thinking as a framework for our discussion.
The speakers at the August seminar will include:
Beatrice Galilee, the Associate Curator of Architecture and Design in Department of Modern and Contemporary Art at Metropolitan Museum
Laura Y Liu, New School Associate Professor of Urban Studies.
Lisa Zaslow, founder of Gotham Organizers

'Homo Sapiens I Hear You' is a series of non-linear, non-conventional, and non-passive seminars which question and re-think humanity’s essential needs; and consider whether the modern practice of design addresses them.

The curriculum conceived by Nelly Ben Hayoun is framed around American psychologist Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs”, which offers a model that defines the needs of human beings - from the most basic functions (eating, sleeping, etc.) to the more fulfilling (self-improvement, practising sports, etc.). Our seminars will unravel how human needs have developed through history and how they might continue to develop over time.

Occurring on the 12th of the month, each seminar will showcase pioneering critical thinkers and present eclectic reference material from around the world. Dr. Ben Hayoun, along with a rotating cast of visiting faculty will facilitate a series of activities, workshops and debates. The series of seminars will be accompanied with: podcasts by Elle Clay, editorial pieces by Cabinet Magazine and Our Machine's graphics.

Learn more about 'Homo Sapiens, I hear You' on A/D/O's website.

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A/D/O is a community-based endeavour that aims to understand the future of design. A/D/O is located in a 23,000 square foot former warehouse in Greenpoint, Brooklyn's Industrial Business Zone. It has been converted into space for creative exchange. A/D/O is part of MINI.