I Am (Not) A Monster at Asakua Gallery in Japan!

21st Sept 2021, Tokyo, Japan

We're delighted to announce I am (Not) A Monster is currently screening at Asakusa Gallery in Japan! Alongside a video of Dr Nelly Ben Hayoun discussing the origin of knowledge. The video and screening are a part of Asakusa's series titled "Art As Technology Colloquia: Politics of Knowing"

About the project, the team at Asakusa say "In the midst of the pandemic, we have realized again how the physical time has been subject to transform according to activities, say, time for thinking, time for reading, and time for watching differ from each other, although they are connected. Through this colloquia, we would like to de-struct and re-struct these times and provide an alternative time for critical thinking. That's why we would not organize live colloquia but rather exchange recorded video messages and write letters/emails for questions and opinions, like what we often did as correspondence columns by readers on the magazine/zine in 90s."

We're truly delighted to be a part of this fantastic series and to find out more, you can click here!