In the summer of 2018, Nelly and Director of Photography, Fiona Braillon, embarked on a WILD journey, touching down in approx 50 different locations to film the latest Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios film… and we are absolutely DELIGHTED to announce that our latest cinematic journey, feature film ‘I Am (Not) A Monster’– on the impossible pursuit of the origins of knowledge- will have its world premiere at the 63rd British Film Institute London Film Festival and has been nominated for The Grierson Award!

The Grierson Award is a world-renowned award for pioneering documentary films, that celebrates the highest creative achievements of British and international filmmakers in its competitive sections, applauding extraordinary storytelling and inventive filmmaking across all the categories. Past winners of the award include ‘Into The Abyss: A Tale of Death, A Tale of Life’, by Werner Herzog, and ‘Starless Dreams’ by Mehrdad Oskouei.

Screenings as follows…..

Thursday 10 October 2019 20:50 at Empire Haymarket, Screen 1
Friday 11 October 2019 21:00 Vue West End, Screen 6
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