I am (not) a monster at Sheffield Doc|Fest 2018 The Alternate Realities Market

11th-12th June, Sheffield, UK

We are excited to announce that Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios newest film production - 'I am (not) a monster' has been chosen from over 550 submissions to take part in Alternate Realities Market at this year's Sheffield Doc Festival. All the selected projects are to have match-made 1:1 pitch meetings with industry Decision Makers during the Festival on the 11th and 12th June 2018. 

'I am (not) a monster' is a  feature film and a multi platform project which intends to demonstrate the state of ideologies in contemporary western society, where knowledge is interweaved with the idea of nation state and cultural heritage while current development in technology propose a global notion of ‘collectiveness’. Through comical characters borrowed from the japanese tradition of the Yokais, performance of Hannah Arendt's text by her students, and props developed by families and interviewees in the film, it aims to produce a series of social sculptures,films playful physical representation and revelation of the act of thinking nowadays. The film will be directed by Nelly Ben Hayoun and produced by Christo Hird of Dartmouth Films. It is set to premiere in 2019.

Sheffield Doc/Fest is a world leading and the UK’s premier documentary festival, celebrating the art and business of documentary and all non-fiction storytelling.

Operating in the heart of UK, we’re a hub for all documentary and non-fiction storytelling across all platforms, from feature length to shorts, and including interactive, augmented reality, and virtual reality projects.

The MeetMarket is one of the world's largest documentary and factual markets and the flagship pitching opportunity at Doc/Fest with the opportunity to meet with over 300 international funders, broadcasters, distributors, sales agents and exhibitors. Doc/Fest offers a unique way to pitch your projects through individual match made meetings between pitchers and the Decision Makers, so they can get straight into creative and financial discussions. Projects range from long form films to short form films, series and formats

The Alternate Realities Market runs parallel to the MeetMarket. Twenty-five online, interactive and virtual reality projects will be selected from submissions to hold one-to-one meetings with funders and advisors, including commissioners, broadcasters, arts organisations, online platforms, NGOs and other experts from across the world. This is not a one-size-fits-all market; meetings are carefully matchmade taking into account desires from both sides of the table. 

To learn more about other projects participating in this year's markets, visit the festival's website