"I Am (Not) A Monster explores politics in society", feature on Dezeen!

15th March 2019, London, UK

Nelly and Dezeen discuss the latest Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios project, 'I am (not) a monster'!

"Throughout the documentary, the London-based designer impersonates Hannah Arendt – a 20th-century philosopher whose theories explored power and totalitarianism – as she interrogates subjects on what it is that makes a monster in present-day society.

It looks at how controversial political figures like Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen are able to win support.

"The film is advocating a reclamation of ownership of politics from the perspective of citizens and doing this through the vehicle of looking at education at this time in history where we tend to forget how important it is to develop a critical form of thinking," she told Dezeen."

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