International Space Orchestra at the V&A

26th April and 22nd September, London, UK

The International Space Orchestra's 27 min performance film will be previewed at the prestigious Victoria & Albert Museum, on Friday 26th 2013 April, London, 7pm

International Space Orchestra's collaborators Penguin Café will perform, live, music that they composed for the ISO.

More details on Victoria and Albert museum website here

Ground Control: An Opera in Space by the International Space Orchestra, Directed by Nelly Ben Hayoun
The outer regions of space have long been a source of inspiration and fascination for writers, filmmakers and artists, as they were for Bowie. Shot in front of the world’s largest wind tunnel at the NASA Ames Research Center, watch The International Space Orchestra by experience designer Nelly Ben Hayoun, as they re-enact the unique drama and techno-wonders of the control rooms of Apollo 11. Amongst the members of the International Space Orchestra were a NASA Flight Controller conducting arias, a Capsule Communicator playing the triangle, a NASA centre Deputy Director playing the gong, and an astronaut playing percussion.

Penguin Cafe
Nelly Ben Hayoun’s Ground Control: An Opera in Space was composed by a team including Damon Albarn, Bobby Womack, Maywa Denki, and Arthur Jeffes from Penguin Café, including a libretto by science fiction author Bruce Sterling. Experience an exclusive live performance by Penguin Cafe in the V&A Garden, including songs as sung by the International Space Orchestra such as Wow Signal – 1420 fanfare, based on the signal received by the Big Ear radio telescope in 1977, and Bowie inspired instrumentals.

The International Space Orchestra feature Documentary will be screened on 22nd September 2013, as part of the V&A Digital Design Weekend, London Design Festival