International Space Orchestra to launch recording into orbit

Beyond the Beyond, Wired, June 2013

By  Bruce Sterling, ISO collaborator.

International Space Orchestra to launch recording into orbit

See article in Beyond the Beyond Here

*For heaven’s sake.

From: Nelly Ben Hayoun (((who else)))

“Dear ISO Members and Collaborators!

“I think it is about the right time to raise your glass (you can choose Whiskey or Vodka) to Peter Platzer and his incredible team at Nanosatisfi (please send me pictures when you do so!).

“Peter_our ISO choir member- and his team, will be sending the International Space Orchestra recordings that we did at Skywalker Ranch (huge thanks Phil, Leslie, Evan and Phoebe for making this happen!) IN SPACE on 4th August on two of their satellites!

“Yes… I fall off my chair (literally). Hopefully your music will be heard by what might be out there…!

“See attached for the picture of Nanosatisfi satellite and here are more details on the lift off and the type of rocket it will be on… 4th August LIFT OFF…”

Official launch press release:
Delivery Module:

The ISO to the stars and beyond!

See you soon….. !

3,2,1…. BLAST OFF!