Interview series with WePresent about the Future of the Moon!

1st October 2020, The Moon, The Milky Way Galaxy

Straight from the moon, we're so happy to share with you our interview series on the future of the moon and lunar living with our partners in crime at WePresent and WeTransfer! 

Throughout history, outer space has proved an infinite source of awe and wonder for us mere mortals. Almost impossible to comprehend, it has spawned countless books, films, songs and theories, and resulted in a generation-defining Space Race in the mid 21st Century. In this feature, designer of experiences and filmmaker Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun focuses on the Moon as the next frontier of space travel, looking at the complex and creative ways in which it is a part of our future.

With cosmic accompanying visuals by Dave Gaskarthwe interviewed PussyRiot's Nadya Tolokonnikova on democratising the moon. Magic Magid on educative systems on the moon. The Avalanches on the cosmic experience NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration #nasasservi Greg Schmidt on exploring the moon's resources and Douglas Vakoch on interstellar communication.

You can read the piece here!