Interview with Geek nations. Nelly On Rejecting Colonialist Space Travel and The Value of Plurality

16th may 2024, Geek Vibes Nation, USA

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Earth has seen better days. If the staggering wealth inequality, concurrent dictatorships, and growing number of genocides weren’t enough to ruin the party, perhaps the fact that it may grow inhospitable within our lifetimes will yuck your yum. The planet has long been struggling to manage its growing climate crisis and it is now to the point that space, the final frontier, is considered our only viable option for survival. Billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are already building infrastructure to colonize space stations and distant planets, while major world powers are preparing satellites and shuttles as weapons of intergalactic war.

If all of this sounds depressing, that’s because it is, but there’s an antidote: plurality. According to Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stépanian, director of the new compelling experimental documentary Doppelgängers³, we have an opportunity to use space not as a way of simply moving from one place to another but as a chance to start over, to consider our planet’s deeply flawed, even traumatic framework and try again. The way we do this is by including a wider spectrum of perspectives in the decision-making process. This is why Hayoun-Stépanian’s documentary, which centers on a simulated experiment to see whether her and two loosely-defined doppelgängers could survive on a space mission together, includes interviews with not just scientists but with activists, economists, and even other filmmakers.

The result is a scattershot (by design) exploration of humanity’s future that is injected with energy and humor, electrified with the music of Pussy Riot and featuring a blue-screened sculpture of Schrodinger’s cat as a recurring visual motif. In her interrogation of what the world could be without precedent, Hayoun-Stépanian similarly strips her film of all convention and displays her own unique vision for filmmaking. It certainly will not be for everyone, but those who can find themselves in her latest film will be swept away in an uplifting exploration that will set the next generation’s minds and hearts ablaze with exploration and rumination. Hopefully, with Hayoun-Stépanian’s help, the kids will be alright.