Its Nice That - ISO

December 2012

Review of the Year, Things that we missed out this year which we are kicking ourselves for!

Words by Ross Bryant for Its Nice That , Read full article here

2012 has been a year rammed with unmissable events so unmissable and so frequent that, in fact, it was pretty impossible to get your mitts on them all. Had you braved it and attempted to attend every piece of arty goodness the world over, you’d have surely been forever caught on motorways, trapped in departure lounges fuming about the long delays and endlessly taking in one event only to be thinking the real deal was just down the road!

Despite these obvious implausibilities, the fact remains that we never want to miss out on anything creatively stimulating. So, as we look back on a year that has showcased such a vast wealth of artistic celebration, we thought we’d take some time to reflect, dipping our snouts into those moments we wish we could have covered in a close-up, kiss your face off style. And after some heated debates over cheese and a stack load of Jacobs crackers, we’ve picked the five things we can’t believe we missed out on. It should be noted, we’re kicking ourselves for missing it all! So buckle up, it’ll be a hoot

Nelly Ben Hayoun: The International Space Orchestra

Starting us off with a blast and fuelling all with a collective ‘wish we were involved’ kind of feeling was the world’s first ever International Space Orchestra who came together to perform Ground Control. Directed by Nelly Ben Hayoun, it featured music by Blur and Gorillaz super-dude Damon Albarn with Bobby Womack as well as a host of other huge names including two time Grammy-Award winning musical director, Evan Price. The orchestra itself was plucked from the furthest reaches of NASA’s research facilities, including space scientists from their Ames Research Centre, SETI (Search for Extra-terrestial Intelligence), the Singularity University and the International Space University.

The fusion of artistic performance and scientific background is an explosive mixture that knows no boundaries, acting as the perfect platform to “introduce the public to the emotional nuances of space science technologies, the people working with them and the challenges and opportunities of an exciting new era.”

The Space Orchestra is perfectly placed to remind us of this, whipping up excitement and rocket-propelling our souls out into further galaxies by “blending space science, planet-poking and bluegrass-playing spacecraft operators”. The resulting film is currently in post production, but keep your eyes pealed as they are promising updates very soon… We can’t wait!